Goons of Balatroon


NFTreasure Marketplace is the place where NFT collection transforms into a piece of art. Were made 5 unique features not found in any other NFT Marketplace.

Slider Scale - allows you to view an entire collection as one giant piece of art. Side Scroll - allows you to infinitely scroll entire NFT projects without losing your place.

Hover Tile - allows you to explore nine random pieces in a collection from the Explore page without the need to click into a new page.

Bottom filters - allows you to filter NFTs without breaking or moving the grid with nft.

Сollection page background personalization - the banner of the collection becomes the background for the collection page, dipping the user completely into the atmosphere of the collection

An adapted page for each collection places a person in its atmosphere at a glance. With the help of the scale the user can see 300 nft at once on one page. The single nft page allows the user to easily and conveniently see all the information they need without losing sight of the nft image.

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John N.
CEO of NFTreasure


A digital collectible card game where Hun factions battle each other to win $GOB tokens. Players build a competitive card deck and rise on the leaderboard.

Players stake any number of digital assets from the GOB universe and earn daily staking rewards.

Buy digital assets and, in the UNSTAKED section stake one NFT or all of your NFTs. Some of stakes give bonus rewards.

Collect rare cards to build a competitive deck. Create cards at crafting stations or exchange them for digital currency on the open market. There are over 250 cards of various rarity, classes, abilities and brilliance available.

Earn rewards and become a competitive player by engaging in battles in Goon character battles and collecting and rare NFTs.

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12 weeks
100 screens