Sestry Feldman


NFTreasure Marketplace is the place where NFT collection transforms into a piece of art. Were made 5 unique features not found in any other NFT Marketplace.

Slider Scale - allows you to view an entire collection as one giant piece of art. Side Scroll - allows you to infinitely scroll entire NFT projects without losing your place.

Hover Tile - allows you to explore nine random pieces in a collection from the Explore page without the need to click into a new page.

Bottom filters - allows you to filter NFTs without breaking or moving the grid with nft.

Сollection page background personalization - the banner of the collection becomes the background for the collection page, dipping the user completely into the atmosphere of the collection

An adapted page for each collection places a person in its atmosphere at a glance. With the help of the scale the user can see 300 nft at once on one page. The single nft page allows the user to easily and conveniently see all the information they need without losing sight of the nft image.

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John N.
CEO of NFTreasure


“Theory of evolution in time continuum with the little help of imagination”project for Sestry Feldman - street artists from Kyiv. Project is сompleted from the scratch and lauched to the Mainnet. First in the NFT Industry - generated names for the collection.

Here you can see 16 unique NFTs out of 4096. Each of these NFT is a variation on the creation of the world theme. Some of them are not standard, but this is the underground.

Since the sisters are street artists and are known for their murals, it was decided to display their site in this style. Accordingly, it is a one-page site that presents a building with murals in the form of a NFT collection and the sisters who paint them. The simple but laconic design immerses you in the atmosphere of their style. The design is adapted for web and mobile. The colors on the website correspond to the colors of the collection.

The 32 NFT layers were given a unique name and arranged so that the NFT name was generated automatically along with the layers. In this way, we received not only unique images, but also unique names. A new code for the NFT generator with name generation was specially created for this purpose.

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8 weeks
4096 NFTs